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David's photography explores the relationship between urban communities and the built environment. View a series below or visit his instagram or flickr accounts for a wide assortment of daily shots. Occasional updates are also available on his blog, twitter account and email newsletter.

Selected books include:

In addition to his photographic work, David also makes films, including The Area, a feature-length documentary about a Chicago community being displaced by a rail yard expansion.

View his curriculum vitae [PDF]

Isolated Building Studies

A series examining the divergent investment processes in Chicago neighborhoods.
Selections from Ongoing Projects

Selected photographs from five ongoing projects.
Hauts-de-France Mining Basin

A series interpreting the character and identity of the former French mining region.
Belfast, Northern Ireland

A series exploring territoriality through the events of Eleventh Night and The Twelfth in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Affordable Housing of New York

A series exploring the diversity of affordable housing developments in New York City.
Telescope Houses of Buffalo, New York

A series expressing growing population and historical change through vernacular architecture in Buffalo, New York.
The Chicago Housing Authority's Plan for Transformation

A series documenting the Chicago Housing Authority's plans to restructure the city's public housing system.
The Bloomingdale

A series documenting the life of a former freight railroad line in Chicago, Illinois.

A series exploring the metropolitan area of Detroit, Michigan.
Las Vegas, Nevada

A series investigating the downtown core and suburban ring of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Catholic Churches of Cambria City

A series documenting the closing of four Catholic churches and their school
in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.